Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warehouse 13

I love Warehouse 13. I'd be willing to say that out of every show that the Syfy channel has produced, Warehouse 13 is my favorite (I'd call it a tie with Mystery Science Theater 3000, but MST3K actually originated elsewhere, so I'm not sure it counts). Eureka was entertaining, but the basic formula got pretty repetitive over time; Battlestar Galactica did some amazing things, but wasted too much of my time teasing us with mysteries whose resolution was either disappointing or never occurred at all.

Yes, Warehouse 13 has its flaws. For instance, if Myka and Pete are supposed to be former top-notch Secret Service agents, why are they so bad at basic law enforcement procedures? (Pete, in particular, seems to have never taken even a basic firearms safety course). But my inner critic just seems to retire quietly to another room as soon as I hear the show's theme music.

What is it I love about this show?

The humor is a big draw for me. From the little visual gags they pull off with the informational captions, to Pete's constant clowning around and Claudia's sly self-confidence, it's a rare episode that doesn't have my laughing out loud.

I dig the world-building and the show mythology. Every so often, the show gives out a little more information about Warehouses 1 through 12, and I'd love to play a roleplaying campaign based in any of them.

But most of all, what keeps me watching this show is the camaraderie and relationships between the main characters. I think I was hooked the first time that Artie baked post-mission cookies for the team. The close friendships that tie the team together really warm my cynical little heart.

Warehouse 13 is a big fuzzy blanket I like to crawl under to get warm, and I send my highest compliments to the actors and writers that make it all possible.