Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Neverwinter: The Foundry

I've unlocked the Foundry in Neverwinter; in other words, I now have access to the tools that allow players to create their own game content. The tools are right in my comfort zone: simple enough to get into quickly, but with enough options and features to allow the creation of something sophisticated. There are still a few glitches -- getting rooms to join together correctly can be a bit tricky in some conditions -- and the purpose of some of the controls is not immediately obvious, but there definitely seems to be enough functionality to produce a D&D dungeon.

The big obstacle, for me, is time: after spending three hours on my first test dungeon, I had nothing but a fairly uninspired array of corridors and monsters. Adding the extra flavor and story is going to take longer. Hopefully, as I get more proficient with the tools, the authoring process will speed up.