Friday, April 5, 2013

Just Give Us Your Money

I wish I could believe that gamers would abandon Electronic Arts in droves after the first DLC for Sim City turned out to be an advertisement. I wish I could believe that Facebook subscribers across the planet would turn away from Zynga games in disgust now that the company has decided to branch out into online gambling (although, honestly, their "free-to-play" games weren't far from gambling to begin with).

But even though you'll see a flood of internet chatter where gamers loudly decry and deplore these actions, there won't be any long-term effect. So long as EA continues to produce elaborate hi-res dating sims, they'll be just fine. And though it's true that Zynga has been having some financial difficulties, I'm sure that their movement away from gaming and into out-and-out vice will be a good move for them.

EA isn't the shining star of video game artistry that it once was, and Zynga was never anything more than a suction hose attached to your wallet. But though folks like me might assert that what they're doing is wrong, you can't deny that what they're doing makes money, and that, in the end, is the actual goal of the real-life game that these companies are playing.