Monday, March 4, 2013

Stone of Names - March Status Update

Sometime this month, I expect to be finished with my first editing pass of Stone of Names. I'm down to just resolving the points in the text where I was uncomfortable with the wording I'd chosen, but I needed to just write something and move on.

Once all of those issue are resolved, I'm going to do something I probably didn't do extensively enough with the last novel: send it out to several "beta test" readers for criticism. Mary Lynn had gone over Back in the Game with me, but I expect I need to incorporate feedback from as many different viewpoints as possible.

Once that's done, I need to try to find a literary agent to help me sell this thing. The last time I tried looking for an agent, it was still a very paper-based process. I expect a lot more agents are online these days, which should accelerate the process.

If I can't find an agent, I can always try self-publishing again, but I would really need to work on my marketing skills, and possibly be willing to drop some money on advertising. I'd also need to hire an editor: someone who can comb through my text and find all of my egregious punctuation errors. I'd really prefer to have an agent who knows the business of selling books, and who can get my book in the hands of a publisher who can do editing and cover art and all of that. (I've actually already invested in some cover art for Stone of Names that I think will be reasonably okay, but it would be much better to have a professional artist working on it.)