Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TRON: Parallel

So, here's my idea for a roleplaying game set in the TRON universe:

In 1982, the engineering company ENCOM makes a scientific breakthrough and builds a working quantum computer. They install a software package on this computer which they name the Master Control Program (MCP). The MCP quickly shows signs of emergent behavior and artificial intelligence. ENCOM keeps these discoveries under wraps until concrete commercial applications can be found. ENCOM engineers employ the MCP itself in the task of designing these applications.

One of the MCP's first inventions is a quantum information conversion device, which has the remarkable capability to convert ordinary matter into quantum data, and vice versa. This invention is also kept top secret, but is employed by the MCP itself in order to capture Kevin Flynn, a disgruntled former employee who breaks into ENCOM headquarters in order to steal intellectual property. Flynn is transferred into the quantum computer memory systems and does not return.

The MCP continues to take initiative toward gaining power over the physical world by gaining access to American and Russian government networks. By manipulating critical governmental data, the MCP is able to bring about a global economic collapse in 2002. The MCP then activates the quantum conversion devices that it has been secretly constructing, using them to synthesize artificially intelligent soldiers and weapons of war. By 2008, the MCP has established control over the nations of the world, and goes about the task of rebuilding human civilization in order to serve its own ends.

By 2015, humanity exists as little better than slaves to ENCOM and to the MCP. However, a resistance network rises to attempt to break the MCP's control. They gain access to ENCOM's own quantum converters in order to invade the quantum information Grid, striking at ENCOM both in the physical world and in the digital world.

Players are members of the resistance, who conduct missions both in the real world and in the Grid in order to defeat the MCP.